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Hello! Thanks for visiting my web site today. 
I want to let you know that I have recently released a heart-warming sweet romance. It's a Christmas story that will keep you in the holiday spirit. 
A Christmas Miracle for Veronica by Vikki McCombie.
It's available now at Amazon.
 I'm happy to announce that my erotic historical novella
, To Live Again by V.L. Edwards has been released and is available at, Secret Cravings Publishing and other e-book retailers.

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Historical Romance Writer. Stories intensely passionate and full of desire.
Author of The Montgomery Family Trilogy

Hi! Thank you for visiting my work in progress Web Site. This is a real learning process since I've never designed a Web Site before. I really appreciate your patience and if there's one thing I know about myself, it's that I'm stubborn and won't give up. Eventually, I WILL get this right! Please come back to visit and see where my creativity goes!
The Montgomery Trilogy begins with  Henry Montgomery, the Duke of Sanderford in "Lost Pleasures Found".  The Montgomery Saga continues with his two sisters, Helen and Kathryn. The Second Book in the series, "Love Sneaked In"  is Helen's story. And Kathryn's story finishes the Saga in "Turned Around By Love".
I hope you'll download a copy and enjoy. Since I'm a novice at writing, I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. I can be reached via e-mail at Happy reading!

To give you a bit of information about moi, I started my writing career when a story popped into my head in November 2009 and just wouldn't leave. Since then, I have now written 5 historical romances, and I'm presently working on the sixth. As an avid reader of historical romance, I'm a romantic at heart. I love a "Happily Ever After", and I write them in my stories. While romance is the central theme of all my books, I include some significant historical event or place in all my novels.

I live in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with my beloved husband Jim. I attended the University of Tennessee and St. Leo University and have a bachelor's degree in Business Management. For many years, I worked for several large corporations in team management, but I find writing much more enjoyable. While I still have a day job, it gives me ample time to devote to my craft.

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